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Customer Introduction

XREAL was founded in 2017 and is the first company to launch consumer-grade AR glasses globally. It has been widely recognized for its excellent display technology and product design, and has established partnerships with more than 10 global well-known operators and has brought its products to 6 countries.

In 2021, XREAL's market share reached 75%, and in the first half of 2022 it rose to 81%, becoming the top-selling domestic AR glasses brand in the world.


Customer Challenges

Problem One
All terminals require a unified identity system. However, the development of three terminals involves multi-language development, and the development cost is high.
Problem Two
Considering future user growth and business expansion, the identity platform must be able to provide high concurrency, secure and stable performance, and high scalability.
Problem Three
We have used mature IDaaS overseas, but now that we're entering the Chinese mainland market, we need an IDaaS that complies with Chinese regulations and ecosystems.

How Authing Solves

Authing offers over 1000 APIs and multi-language SDKs, which can flexibly adapt to different scenarios, to achieve identity unification of three terminals, and saving development workload.
Authing's cloud-native architecture enables it to handle up to 1 million logins and visits in just 3 minutes. Additionally, enterprises can use automated pipelines to establish a basis for precision marketing.
Authing's unified identity foundation helps developers quickly integrate with applications, and it is in line with Chinese ecology and regulations. It's a perfect replacement for foreign products.

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