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Higher Education Press

Customer Introduction

Founded in May 1954, the higher education press is one of the earliest professional education publishing institutions in New China. At present, the higher education society has more than 1700 employees, more than 10000 kinds of books published every year, and nearly 130 million copies issued. The scale of the publishing house and the number of employees are at the forefront of domestic publishing houses.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of education, the higher education society undertakes the construction and operation of the national ideological and political work network of colleges and universities and China University Students online. At present, the ideological and political network has covered the education departments of provincial Party committees, 75 colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education, other ministries and universities, and 2500 local colleges and universities. The total number of online website members of Chinese college students has reached 11.2 million, a new record.

The higher education society has carried out extensive cooperation with more than 200 institutions around the world, including many well-known publishers. 24 language versions of international products have been distributed in more than 60 countries in the world, and the number of copyright output has ranked among the top single publishing houses in China for years. It has been rated as a key national cultural export enterprise for many times.


Customer Challenges

Challenge 1
The 35 million users of higher education society are distributed in dozens of software platforms, and its management is complex.
Challenge 2
Higher education society needs an excellent user login experience to improve cooperation with the domestic education market and international publishers.
Challenge 3
To undertake the construction of Ideological and political networks means that fraud prevention and security are particularly important.
Challenge 4
With the operation of Ideological and political networks, college student's online networks, higher education society has a strong demand for cross-brand single sign-on.

How Authing Solves

In cooperation with higher education society, the Authing team provides one-to-one consulting and technical services throughout the whole process to speed up the online website, and empowering HSS with Authing SDKs such as Java, Delphi, support the success of customers.
By providing Adaptive MFA, login environment monitoring and other security technologies, Authing creates professional security protection for higher education society.
With the perfect identity authentication and access management services of Authing, the two engineers completed the deployment test in one afternoon, and easily integrated tens of millions of users of higher education society. Realize the experience of cross-brand login in one place and with one account.
The Authing platform is flexible and rich in documents and software packages. In the rapid development of higher education society, provides the ability of expansion and integration, reduces daily maintenance, reduces the development cost in the future, creates an efficient and pleasant development mode, simplifies it management and accelerates business growth.

Integrate Authing in 5 minutes

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization management, etc.